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Within a relatively small area, the hills, mountains and valleys around the town contain a remarkable variety of geological features.  An outdoors person’s paradise.


World-class dinosaur trackways and fossils have led to BC’s only vertebrate research center being established within the geopark.  A cornerstone of our Geopark.

Human History

Prehistoric to the modern we celebrate our diversity and honour our heroes.  Come discover Tumbler Ridge’s unique history.

Tumbler Ridge UNESCO Global Geopark

About the Geopark

Meet the Tumbler Ridge Geopark Society and celebrate our history.  Learn more about & contact the members of our board.

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In Tumbler Ridge, ATVing is a great way to enjoy the the Tumbler Ridge UNESCO Global Geopark. It’s here you’ll find some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Waterfalls, glacial lakes, and mountain meadows await you. Explore hundreds of kilometres of forest service roads and ATV trails that allow access into landscapes seldom seen except in magazines.

Don't forget! Alpine areas can be very sensitive and can take a very long time to return to their natural state. Staying on marked trails or roads insures that everyone gets to enjoy all the beautiful alpine scenery that the Geopark has to offer!

Photo Credit: Mono Lowther - Red Deer Falls Trail
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The North is calling. Find your way through the untamed wilderness of Tumbler Ridge & Dawson Creek and reach the peak of adventure. We’re creating a new way for you to explore Northern BC and imagine your journey off the beaten path — so you can connect to a land and history that should not be forgotten. Great things are coming your way, soon. ... See MoreSee Less

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The TRUGGIAC, our Indigenous Advisory Council, held its annual meeting on the land last week. This year they travelled to the Wolverine Dinosaur Trackway and received a wonderful tour from the @trdinosaurs tour guides. For most of our members, they have lived in this area for decades if not lifetimes and had never been. Where will you explore in your own backyard? ... See MoreSee Less

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A UNESCO Global Geopark is an area recognized as having internationally significant geological heritage.  Geoparks aim to reconnect people to the earth, whether through hiking trails, learning about mountain building, eating food grown in the local soils, or celebrating the stories of the people who have lived here since time immemorial.  The geology in a Geopark may be linked to sites with interesting archaeology, wildlife, history, folklore and culture. Tourism industry promotion in a Geopark focuses on highlighting the geographical character of a place.

Education in the Geopark
Learning never exhausts the mind.

--Leonardo da Vinci

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Geoparks also inform about the sustainable use and need for natural resources, whether they are mined (we’re famous for metallurgical coal), quarried or harnessed from the surrounding environment, while at the same time promoting respect for the environment and the integrity of the landscape.
Compared with national or provincial parks which are often “top-down”, government-initiated projects, a Geopark is typically a grassroots, community-driven initiative that depends on local passion and “sense-of-place”.

Founded in the early 80’s as a mining community Tumbler Ridge has developed into a world class destination for eco-tourism.  Featuring a full season’s worth of hiking trails and many other recreational options Tumbler Ridge offers a unique experience.

We have a magnificent diversity of outstanding and accessible mountain geology, extraordinary waterfalls, and dinosaur fossils and trackways unmatched in the known world.

For sheer joy and contentment, I know of nothing like this; a hundred miles or two from any civilization and no human being within miles… the spell of the mountains.
–John Holzworth

Our outdoor recreation goes way beyond hiking and exploring.  We have active ATV and snowmobile clubs that have developed the back country for quading, sledding and use by side by sides.  Our Murray River is an amazing place to take a jet boat and we have campsites and lakes to satisfy any visitor whether they want to kayak, camp or just enjoy the peaceful serenity of the wilderness.

If you need more information please don’t hesitate to contact us!  We will forward your inquiry to the appropriate people or groups and get back to you as soon as possible.

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The Geopark’s location within Canada.  To the east is the Alberta border and to the west the Sukunka Valley in British Columbia.  The total area is 8478 km2 or nearly 2.1 million acres.

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