Jane Butters

Geopark Director

Snowshoeing at Babcock Falls


Jane has been involved in local government in Tumbler Ridge for six years, and is currently a leader in community development through her role as the Deputy Corporate Officer with the District of Tumbler Ridge. Jane moved to the area in 2011 as an employee of Quintette Coal, and has since spent countless hours exploring the Geopark hiking, running, biking, and snowshoeing with her two dogs, making Tumbler Ridge her home. Jane’s favorite Geosite to visit is Windfall Lake, especially in early August when the wildflowers are in full bloom. Inspired by the natural beauty of the Geopark and the endless opportunities for outdoor adventure, coupled with her commitment to the community, Jane is delighted to be part of a passionate group of people promoting the unique landscape of the Geopark.

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