A Journey through Cliffs, Ponds & Caves

  • 3 Hours — 4 km loop.
  • Moderate Difficulty, Steep and Rocky in places.
  • High Vertical Cliffs
  • Caves to explore, watch your head!
  • Outhouse in parking area

Beginning near Kinuseo Falls this short hike is among our Top Ten and has been a popular destination since it’s discovery in 1999 by the Helm and Tattersall families.  This Geosite resides inside Monkman provincial park and along with Nesbitt’s Knee and Barbour Falls can make the drive to Kinuseo Falls into a full day.

There are many stops at this Geosite so be sure to stop by our Visitor Information Centre in downtown Tumbler Ridge to grab a paper copy of the guide (also available as a pdf file).

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This view to the South West offers a fantastic vista of the Rocky Mountains.  A railing has been installed but children and pets should be closely monitored here.  It is a very long way down.

Cliffs above Stone Corral
Cliffs above Stone Corral

This rock wall is encountered on the return journey from the Stone Corral.  It is a great place to rest weary legs before returning to the trailhead.

Limestone Wall
Limestone Wall

Spread among the beaver dams, many ponds, and cliff walls the keen observer will appreciate a wealth of flora on this hike.  Features include Black Twinberries, Monkey Flowers, Devil’s Club, Mountain Death-Camas, and Red Baneberry.

Corral Cave is the largest and resides just up the slope from the Corral pond.  Please watch your head as this high cave does have some low spots.

Further up the hill Porcupine Cave offers those who brought their flashlights and interesting experience.  Be sure the enter via the 2nd entrance on the path.  A real treat for kids!

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