The Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark is home to so many accessible waterfalls.  They are a must see attraction for all visitors – some require hiking and others can be driven to – there are options for visitors of any ability!

Kinuseo Falls From Drone

Kinuseo Falls

Famous since its discovery & Taller than Niagara Falls — Kinuseo Falls is a crown jewel of our Geopark.

Monkman Cascades

Monkman Cascades and Lake

One of British Columbia’s Premier Backcountry Hikes brings you to the middle of Monkman Provincial Park.

Bergeron Falls

Near Tumbler Ridge, one of our highest and most scenic destinations.

Quality Falls

Quality Falls

This quick easy hike is very close to Tumbler Ridge and is one of our most popular destinations!

Tepee Falls

A beautiful hike ending with a great view of these falls & the Murray river. Popular for ice climbing in the winter.

Barbour Falls

Barbour Falls

At Barbour Falls the creek cascades down a particularly resistant layer of bedrock into a deep pool

Babcock Falls

Babcock Falls

Sub-alpine meadows lead to an attractive waterfall which plunges into a deep pool.

The TRGG trail system offers over 50 self-guided hikes to various geosites. Trails are well signed and information for visitor includes level of difficulty, specific features such as waterfalls, picnicking, dinosaur footprints and geo sites, distance from community to trail head and availability of cell service. Updating of brochures, guidebooks and interpretive signage is a continual process. Self-guided hiking brochures have been developed by the local Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society (WNMS).

Aesthetically, some of the waterfalls (Kinuseo, The Cascades) are of national or international significance. The remainder are of regional or provincial import when considered alone, but considering the accessibility that has been developed for them, they are collectively a national gem.

Cross Country Skiing

Winters in Tumbler Ridge are long. Healthy outdoor exercise is feasible through cross country skiing. 10 km of Wolverine ski trails to Lost Haven Cabin are tracked and groomed.  Skiing up canyons to waterfalls is a popular pastime. The route up Flatbed Canyon past Flatbed Falls to the Overhanging Rock is a favourite, and permits an appreciation of geology even in winter.

Ice Climbing

The Geopark contains numerous areas suitable for ice climbing, with many ice-falls as yet unclimbed. There is potential for the development of ice-climbing tourism businesses.

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    Don’t forget your Camera

    As you’ll see by our photo galleries the TRGG is one destination where you’re going to run out of camera memory quickly.


    Drop into our newly built Visitor Info Centre (250-242-3123).  Book a tour and stay at our B&B’s, Inns, or Hotels.

    Friendly People

    The People of Tumbler Ridge are famous for their hospitality.  Small town living in the remote mountains breeds a strong community.


    The beauty and diverseness of the Tumbler Ridge Geopark has been known to cause the following symtoms:  frequent return visits, longing for scenery, and an obsession with paleontology.