Mt Reesor Hiking Route

  • 5-6 Hours
  • 10km Return Distance
  • 560m (1840 ft) Elevation Change

Routes in the Mt. Reesor hiking area pass interesting geological features, through a variety of Lower Cretaceous rock formations. The main route initially leads over sandstone bedrock onto the ridge. The next kilometer along the ridge-top is along the “Caribou Highway”, along barren brown shales which at this altitude permit minimal plant growth, resulting in a spectacular desert-like landscape. To reach Mt. Reesor it is then necessary to descend into a saddle, which is formed in soft, easy to erode siltstone and mudstone. The summit of Mt. Reesor is in the centre of a large syncline, and is 2043 metres above sea level. Much of the ascent to the summit is through a jumble of loose rock. The view from the summit is superb.

The alpine area east of Mt. Reesor is also good for ridge rambling, with views of exposed steeply dipping bedding planes and slabs. At the far end of this area is a large plateau, formed by a gentle syncline, with exposed slabs of coarse-grained sandstone and conglomerate on each side, and more fine views.

Caribou, marmot and ptarmigan are often seen in this area, with the possibility of Golden Eagles overhead, and grizzly bear and wolf in the krummholz and alpine zones. More details on these routes are available on the WNMS Mt. Reesor brochure.

More Information

From 12.6 km on the Wolverine Forest Service Road turn right and head 15.9 km up the Perry Creek Road keeping left at the fork.

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